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Have you tried any of the meal kit delivery services? -Denise Dixon, PhD

If not, have you wondered if meal kits like Green Chef make sense, for you and your family?

  • Do they make cooking dinner, and therefore — life — easier?
  • Are the meals tasty?
  • Are they healthy?
  • Are they good value?
  • Which one is the best?

In the past, I tried Blue Apron and Home Chef, and I loved them both. But, one Tuesday afternoon, early last year, my pre-adolescent son returned home from school, and announced that he wanted to become a vegan. By Saturday. Of course, that is a topic for another blog post…

As neither Blue Apron nor Home Chef offered vegan options, I returned to researching and reading every meal kit review that I could find, leading me to Green Chef and Purple Carrot.


The main reason that I selected Green Chef

The primary reason that I selected Green Chef because they were one of the few meal kit delivery services that offered vegan menus.

Also, I appreciated their statement that all of their products are certified organic (no GMOs, no synthetic pesticides and no growth hormones or antibiotics). I really liked that Green Chef  emphasizes that they procure seasonal ingredients and sustainable suppliers, including small family farms.


What different types of dietary menus does Green Chef offer?
Green Chef offers SEVEN different dietary options — far more than any other meal kit delivery service:

  • Paleo
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Keto
  • Omnivore
  • Carnivore

Green Chef Plans

Green Chef offers 2-person (all menus) or family plans (Omnivore & Carnivore menus only).

  • The 2-person plan provides 3 dinners for 2 people – a total of 6 dinners per box delivered weekly.
  • A family plan provides 2 dinners for a family of 4 – a total of 8 dinners per box, also delivered weekly.

Meals are created by a professional chef who pays close attention to the ingredients and nutritive values, so you will receive recipes appropriate for both children and adults.

Green Chef’s vegetarian dinners are more than just salads. Check them out today!

How much do Green Chef Meal plans cost?
Pricing for Green Chef Meal Plans:


$10.49 per meal/serving

$71.94 per box (or $11.99 per meal), including shipping

Omnivore $11.99 per meal/serving

$80.94 per box (or $13.49 per meal), including shipping

Vegan $11.99 per meal/serving

$80.94 per box (or $13.49 per meal), including shipping

Carnivore $13.49 per meal/serving

$89.94 per box (or $14.99 per meal), including shipping

Gluten-free $13.49 per meal/serving

$89.94 per box (or $14.99 per meal), including shipping

Paleo $14.99 per meal/serving

$98.94 per box (or $16.49 per meal), including shipping

Keto $14.99 per meal/serving

$98.94 per box (or $16.49 per meal), including shipping

Family Omnivore           $11.99 per meal/serving

$104.92 per box (or $13.12 per meal), including shipping

Family Carnivore           $12.99 per meal/serving

$112.92 per box (or $14.15 per meal), including shipping

Note: Based on the protein preferences set for the Omnivore or Carnivore Plan, you may receive a menu that falls under a different meal plan. Green Chef states that they will always charge you the lower price of the two plans.

Green Chef Delivery

green chef review

Green Chef offers the largest variety of menus, and is one of the few meal kit delivery services that offers vegan options.

Your Green Chef subscription is renewed automatically every week, but you’re always free to cancel it (for no charge). The same goes for making any changes to our subscription.

You can change your delivery day; change your delivery address (hello, vacation homes!); skip a week (or several weeks); schedule to receive shipments every 2 or 4 weeks; or change your meal plan every week; as long as you remember to make any changes by the cut off day (typically at least a week prior to the scheduled delivery).

Green Chef delivers to almost anywhere across the continental United States. There are only a few areas in Louisiana that aren’t covered. Also, as it is usually the case with meal delivery services, they don’t deliver to Alaska or Hawaii.

Weekly shipments are delivered in insulated, refrigerated boxes so the ingredients remain fresh even if you’re not home when your order arrives.


What is in each Green Chef box?

green chef review

Each Green Chef box is well-insulated and packed, so that you don’t need to be home when the box arrives.

All ingredients are pre-measured, which reduces food waste. Many of the ingredients, from chopped veggies to homemade sauces, have been prepped prior to packing, saving additional time without sacrificing flavor. Alongside the produce, sauces, and spices, you receive easy-to-follow and color-coded recipes created by an experienced chef. The majority of meals can be prepared in approximately 30 minutes.

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Green Chef Recipes

As everyone living in the Northeast knows, we had four snowstorms during the first 3 weeks of March 2018 -. Happy Spring! 🙄

So, I was happy to crack open my Green Chef delivery, when it looked like this, outside:

green chef review

Perfect evening for a delicious Green Chef meal! -Denise Dixon, PhD


In this delivery, we received Soba Noodle Stir-Fry; Berbere Sweet Potato; and Southwest Shepherd’s Pie.

For tonight’s meal, we – that’s the royal “we,” meaning “I” – made the Southwest Shepherd’s Pie.

Okay, so here we go: our time in the kitchen (with photos).

Here are the remaining meals, including two from our next delivery (Piri-Piri Tofu; and Romesco Cauliflower). I forgot to photograph the Black-Eyed Pea Patties with applewood-rosemary potatoes and sautéed collards. 🙁

Every meal was very easy to prepare, and incredibly delicious. Yes, even the 13 year-old approved!

Shop innovative plant-based dinners from Green Chef!

❤️ What to love about Green Chef

  • Am I allowed to say everything? Every. Single. Recipe. That have I prepared has been OH MY YUM-A-LICIOUS goodness. Seriously, fine-vegan-restaurant quality. And yes, my 13 year-old son agrees, despite having fallen off the vegan wagon. (Sigh). We often joke that we are eating gourmet quality meals at Panera Bread prices. And we love Panera Bread.
  • I’ve read reviews complaining about the small portions. Um, really? To the contrary, we have found that the portions are quite generous. The majority of meals have easily provided 3 servings (rather than the 2 servings stated), making me very happy, because I get to enjoy a delicious lunch, the following day.
  • All instructions on the recipes have been very clear and easy to follow. I always study the recipe well in advance, and I set up my kitchen “stations” (with ingredients pre-arranged in place) prior to cooking.
  • I have found the estimates for meal preparations very accurate. I love that I have dinner on the table (and a glass of wine poured) within 30 minutes — less time than take-out!
  • With Green Chef, you don’t have to choose between tasty and healthy food.
  • As with many meal delivery kits, Green Chef saves quite a bit of time and effort, than shopping for these specialty organic items would require.
  • Due to pre-portioned ingredients, meal delivery kits such as Green Chef reduces food waste.
  • I love that Green Chef different is truly a green company. I appreciate their efforts toward providing education people about the seriousness of food procurement from local farms and sustainable sources; and their efforts to reduce waste.
  • Plus, all the boxes and packaging you receive from Green Chef are either compostable, recyclable or reusable.
  • I have not found another meal delivery kit service that had greater menu options or delivery flexibility.


🤔 What not to love about Green Chef

  • Seriously, I feel pressed to think of any disadvantages.
  • Green Chef appears to cost more than other meal kit delivery services, but I found that I average 3 (instead of 2) servings per meal, bringing the true cost per vegan serving to $8.99 versus the calculated $13.49. Of course, your mileage may vary.
  • I have read reviews complaining about packaging waste. This also confuses me, as (mentioned) every part of their packing is compostable, reusable or recyclable. Plus, the pre-portioned ingredients reduce food waste considerably, if not completely.
  • I have read reviews complaining about poor customer service. I must state that I have only encountered prompt, friendly and accommodating customer service.

Final thoughts about Green Chef

green chef review

I highly recommend the wholesome, delicious, nutritious, organic food offered by Green Chef meal kit delivery service! -Denise Dixon, PhD

If you want to prepare certified organic meals for you and your family, then Green Chef may be the perfect meal kit delivery service for you.

Green Chef has meal plans for a wide variety of dietary preferences, whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan or an enthusiastic meat lover. Green Chef offers tremendous flexibility, so that you can experiment with different diets, or stay with the one you find most suitable for your lifestyle. Green Chef allows you to change your delivery day (or address!), skip a week (or several weeks), or receive shipments every 2 or 4 weeks.

At first appearance, Blue Apron, Home Chef and HelloFresh seem less expensive than Green Chef.

However, the amount of food in the Green Chef box provided 2-3 servings, rather than the 2 servings that were indicated. This difference brings the “real cost” more in line than the other meal kit delivery services. The fact that Green Chef offers far more menus and ways to customize delivery, gives them the edge. I found the Blue Apron recipes a tad more complicated. Green Chef excelled with food quality, and provided truly gourmet-quality meals.

I highly recommend the wholesome, delicious, nutritious, organic food offered by Green Chef meal kit delivery service!

Get 2 free meals with your first order of Green Chef! Sign up today.

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What do you think about this post? Have you tried any of the meal kit delivery services, including Green Chef? Really looking forward to reading and responding to your comments! Thank you!

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