Creating Your Dream Life

by Denise Dixon, Ph.D.

Making sense of (and having fun with) the science of health and behavior, so that we can make the choices that will enable us to live an extraordinary life. The life of our dreams.

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What would you like Dr. Dixon to research (e.g., gather & critically evaluate the latest science); and write about; while making the science both easy to understand, and fun to read?

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Denise Dixon, Ph.D.

Denise Dixon, Ph.D.

Dr. Dixon is a licensed clinical psychologist practicing in New York State. She sees children, adolescents, & adults; and specializes in evidenced-based treatments of various mental health problems, including depression, anxiety, & PTSD. She is dedicated to helping people to find hope; discover their inner strength; and maximize their personal growth. She loves that she has earned the nicknames of "Dr. Sunshine;" "Dr. Smiles;" & "Dr. Rainbow," (among others), all highlighting the warmth, enthusiasm, & compassion that she exudes.


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